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Government to Recognise Chronic Migraine as Lifelong Disability

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People with Chronic Migraine have been suffering for years with their conditions, not including the daily stigma that comes with it. We need to remove this stigma. Chronic Migraine needs to be considered a lifelong disability - that's exactly what it is!

There are around quarter of a million Migraine attacks in the UK alone, on a daily basis. It's a severely debilitating condition which is one of the most severely underfunded conditions in terms of allocation of funds for research, despite being one of the most disabling conditions worldwide. It can be very hard and time-consuming to get a diagnosis, as it is often confused with other things due to multiple presenting symptoms.

People with Chronic Migraine often experience co-morbidities including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which means taking a variety of medication on a daily basis, justt to be able to go to work and life a normal life. Multiple medications taken over a long period of time, leads invariably to Liver Disease which can be life threatening.

By making Chronic Migraine recognised by the UK Government as a lifelong disability, this will go a long way to removing stigma that sufferers face all the time.

Migraine is NOT a headache. It is a complex neurological disorder which affects each sufferer differently. There is no such thing as a 'one-size-fits-all' panacea and certainly no cure. Not yet, anyway. Hopefully when Government finally recognises our pain and suffering as a lifelong disability, more funding will be provided and a better range of medical help will be available for future generations.


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