Change the Salt Lake City Flag

The flag sucks, but those that choose the new flag must understand why The flag sucks. I can totally see somebody in office without an artistic background deciding to just take elements of several suggestions and making a hodgepodge mess like Milwaukee's. We should work on what signifies the city (not the entire metro area county or the state), ideas of how those elements can be represented on a flag (like color and shapes), and then, after all that is brainstormed, how to tastefully incorporate the best elements in a flag design. I also want to comment on Chicago's flag. The Chicago flag looks good, but there is a flaw in the symbolism. The history of the city continues, and if something came along more significant than what the stars represent (like if they ever hosted the Olympics), they would really need to update the flag with another star. For that reason, there should be another rule to follow which is that the symbolism should stay relevant for future generations.

Rick Heinz, South Jordan, UT, United States
2 years ago
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