Bury Utility Wires in New Whole Foods Intersection

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Dear Mr. O'Neil and Mr. Senna, National Development,
Sudbury, MA residents welcome the grand opening of Whole Foods / Meadow Walk on Boston Post Road.  
One great disappointment observed over the past few weeks is that new utility poles with overhead utility wires are being placed in front of the development.
When Raytheon building came down, and one could see the landscape looking northeast across the property, it might have opened up an enhanced, unobstructed view, of trees and hills behind the development.
But keeping the overhead utility wires is a huge lost opportunity for a beautiful entrance to your development in Sudbury.


PLEASE, reconsider working with the utilities to bury the utility wires and remove the poles in front of Meadow Walk.

Has this been discussed with the new flagship tenant, Whole Foods (recently acquired by Amazon for $13B)?
The setting for their new store would be dramatically improved by eliminating overhead wires. And for future tenants and residents.

At Sudbury Town Meeting last year, the town unanimously voted in favor of a Warrant Article to take advantage of opportunities to bury lines when new development projects happen.

The Town has a long standing bylaw for burying new utilities in new developments. Not sure what happened here. 

We would praise you, Meadow Walk, and Whole Foods very publicly if you can alter your plans and bury those wires.
Guaranteed you will be happier and prouder of the look of the end product.

Please, halt work on the new intersection, remove the utility poles and bury the wires.

The community of Sudbury will appreciate this step towards Smart Growth and connecting and beautifying a walkable business district.   

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