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Appoint Candidate La Mar Gunn to Kent County Recorder of Deeds

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The voters of Kent County and around the country, are asking you to do what is just and give us back our votes. Restore faith in the system of democracy. Do as the people asked on Election Day and allow La Mar Gunn to take his rightfully-earned, hard-fought position as Kent County Recorder of Deeds.

La Mar Gunn was rightfully elected to the Kent County Recorder of Deeds position in the November 2014 election by 2 votes and even after multiple recounts was still found to be the winner.  However, an additional and unrequired recount conducted by the clandestine Board of Canvass was in favor of incumbent Betty Lou McKenna, which was certified without delay, placing McKenna in the position for the upcoming service term.  After a brief legal challenge, Judge Young of the Delaware Superior Court ruled the votes be revisited and recounted December 29, 2014, wherein the results of this recount would be different yet again.  Much to our surprise, 4 new votes have been discovered and the result was a tie for Gunn & McKenna.   

As there is no recall rule in the state of Delaware, Delaware law indicates that you, Mr. Governor, have the authority to appoint either Gunn or McKenna to the position of Kent County Recorder of Deeds in the event of a tie pursuant to Del. Code §331.  Despite the overwhelming evidence that he was the people's choice on November 4, 2014 and the vast number of recounts, it is now in your hands.

Mr. Gunn is clearly the best candidate to address the concerns manifest in the Governor's Homeowner Initiative. His opponent, meanwhile, stood by idly as Mr. Gunn pursued evidence of fraud that resulted in the permanent revocation of Nikole Shelton's Notary License. She and her Counsel also ignored the requests for information during the campaign and lied to a reporter in order to shut down cameras in the public building, telling him that there was a written policy, only to have the County corporate Counsel note that there is no such policy.  Litigation will be filed on that matter as well, further tarnishing the image of this crucial public office.

Not only that, but Ms. McKenna has continually failed to demonstrate financial stability even in her own life, with an unconstested Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure and several bankruptcies.  Please review the following videos on YouTube documenting all of this:

DE Governor Jack Markell Must Instate La Mar Gunn in Bogus "Tie" Delaware Recorder Recount

Kent County DE Registry's Betty Lou McKenna Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Public Policy Concerns:


Citizens and businesses of Kent County deserve to be protected against document fraud. As a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, La Mar Gunn has been fighting nationwide to protect individuals and businesses against what has become one of the fastest growing forms of white collar crime.

The status quo has not been solvent. It is clearly time for a change, and given Mr. Gunn's track record in this area, in addition to the highly suspect election process that prompted the Superior Court to order the recount, ab initio.

In the second video linked, note how they manufactured a McKenna vote:

The McKenna X is clearly different than the others. This was someone who voted for neither candidate. It happens. The question is, now that a "tie" was declared, will Governor Jack Markell condone petty politics of his Democratic Brethren or will he Do the Right Thing and appoint La Mar Gunn as the Recorder of Deeds? 

After all, the Governor has to know that this is his legacy as well as the legacy of the State. They passed the buck to him and the buck has to stop with him, it's as simple as that. He can be engaged in petty politics and grant imprimatur to political corruption or he can take the high road. These people don't like the high road; we see what happened to me when I took it, they shut down my cameras and lied to me about the public policy as noted by the County Corporate Attorney. I have always traditionally worked for Democrats. Jesse Jackson 1984. Dick Gephardt 2004. John Kerry 2008. But this issue is bigger than any political affiliation: It is the difference between Right and Wrong. To coin a phrase from William Hurt in Gorky Park: 

"We cannot fall into the chasm.... between what is said.... and what is done."

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