Expression of interest in Oceanic Servers for Worlds Adrift

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It can be said that being a gamer from Australia is 'challenging' to say the least. More so boiling down to frustration when it comes to playing an MMO. Quite often, the region is neglected when it comes to servers and we're forced to play with high pings and connection issues.

This hasn't been the biggest problem as MMOs for the most part have had a fairly simple and generic style of play which wouldn't necessarily require a low ping unless you're a hardcore MMO gamer.

With the passage of time however, the complexity and technology involved in MMOs has increased, thereby necessitating the need for region specific servers. Worlds Adrift is no exception, as was quoted by a member of the Bossa Studios Mod Team last year...

"...As for how the game handles latency, have a look at these blog posts where the devs talk a little bit about it:

But suffice to say, having good ping/latency is important to the physics-heavy nature of WA. That is why they aim to have more server regions beyond the current ones..."

The ideas behind Worlds Adrift are fantastical. A fantasy setting, open world exploration, PVP and crafting. I had been following the game since its announcement and had been looking forward to playing it. Doubts started settling in after awhile on the availability of this game within the region until it was finally unlocked, no servers for Oceanic though. I waited and hoped as did many others for an Oceanic region server, but even at Early Access which started on May 18th 2018, nothing.

The game at the moment is great, for those playing within the US and EU. Everyone else is having to put up with high latency and connection issues.

Let me digress, this petition isn't being designed and made in malice against the developers. I truly have the utmost respect and admiration for the Bossa Studios Development team. This petition is being made to show that you do have a player-base within the Oceanic Region, as well as other regions outside the US and EU that really want to play your game.

This brings me to the end of this petition. If you're within the Oceanic Region and/or agree with what has been said, sign this petition so we can show Bossa Studios that us gamers down under would love to play your game on an Oceanic Region specific server.

Thank you all for your time.