Stop Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

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Jack Grossman
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Jack Grossman, author of Child of the Forest, is fighting the meteoric rise of Antisemitism on college campuses. Please join him by signing this petition, and share it with your friends. The petition is not asking for money -- it is only asking for your voice.

The petition's goal is to acquire as many signatures as possible by June 1st, 2019; representing the 19,000 students that were required to read "21st Century Wellness" for a one-credit hour Lifetime Fitness course that all UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduates must take before graduation (now under review). The course is meant to teach students how to stay physically fit and make healthy lifestyle choices. However, the assigned book delves into other subjects, with one excerpt stating that Holocaust victims who died failed to find their inner strength: "The people in the camps who did not tap into the strength that comes from their intrinsic worth succumbed to the brutality to which they were subjected," the book reads. It sure sounds like they are blaming the Jews for the outcome of the Holocaust, and also seems to suggest that they deserved it. What intrinsic strength did the 1.5-million Jewish children murdered during the Holocaust fail to tap into? The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also recently hosted Linda Sarsour, the Antisemitic hate-monger disguised as a social activist, as a keynote speaker. Enough is enough.

Please note: this petition needs to cross all political divides. It is time that we join together and tell college campuses that we will NOT condone their promotion of Antisemitic activities. This will also be passed on to other campuses hosting such events. Wake Forest and NYU just fell into the same trap. Along with the collected signatures, Jack Grossman will be proposing to UNC-Chapel Hill that they make Child of the Forest required reading for the 19,000 undergraduates on campus, showing the horrors of what a twelve-year old child “succumbed” to in terms of brutality outside of the camps. Do you support Israel and the Jewish people? If so, please sign and share.

Jack Grossman is author of the highly-acclaimed biography Child of the Forest, which follows the true story of a young Holocaust survivor, Charlene Perlmutter Schiff. Learn more at