Twitter: Switch off Trump's Megaphone of Hate Speech and Lies

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Donald Trump uses Twitter as his primary means of communicating to the people of America and the world. His unchecked tweets are akin to propaganda and regularly spill over into the incendiary. He insidiously condones and spreads bigotry, hatred and *lies* which have resulted in genuine threats to people's safety. Stonewalling actual journalists, Trump has instead taken to Twitter, his bully pulpit, to manipulate information, lie and rant -- recklessly and unprovoked  -- about peaceful American demonstrations, minorities' rights, women's rights, sexual exploitatin, individuals he has a grudge against, China, President Obama's legitimacy and our democratic process itself ... to name but a few. When he insults foreign countries, Trump puts all of our safety at risk for retaliation. When he calls African American people thugs, he is spreading racist ideas which is giving people just the encouragement they need to act out violently against their African American compatriots, emboldened by the words of their President. When he makes lewd comments about women and bigoted offhand remarks about Muslim people and other minorities, he is actively spreading hateful ideas and carefully encouraging people to think and speak (and worse, act) hatefully. This is all unsafe. We know that attacks against these very groups have spiked since Trump was elected. Hate speech is *not* free speech, guys. It is dangerous. To everyone. Hate speech ignited the Rwandan massacre and the Holocaust. We know how hate speech at the highest (and loudest) levels of power ends: very badly. Twitter, you've given this man a megaphone from which he can broadcast every extreme thought that occurs to him and people are listening. It has become a threat to us all. SHUT HIM DOWN. We get that you enjoy your profits and running a successful business. But you guys: you're aiding, abetting and participating in Donald Trump's dangerous tricks. Be safe, be patriotic, be unafraid. Unplug his mic. Our safety depends on you.

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