Twitter must stop supporting hate peddlers who indulge in Nazi style propaganda in India

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It is surprising that people who are constantly spreading hate and Nazi-style propaganda, demonizing minorities are given a free run and their tweets that are even termed as 'concocted' and fake by police and authorities in different states in India, still remain on Twitter. 

These handles that have huge followers, constantly indulge in spreading lies, fake news and manufactured information to spread discord. Even though such misinformation is causing mob attacks and lynchings, as in the case of rumours about cows and child-lifters, Twitter fails to even remove the tweet, let alone ban the user. 

In the latest incident, activist Saket Gokhale has made a formal complaint to the Delhi police regarding Madhu Kishwar's objectionable tweet. She has been spreading fake news that has the potential to damage communal harmony and social fabric in India. The police in Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir has earlier said that she tweeted fake news. 

Shockingly, people who even give an open call to economically boycott Muslims in India, a statement that is against the law of the land too, and violates constitutional provisions, face no action on Twitter. In the past, such propaganda, demonizing minorities and hate has led to Rwanda genocide. In recent years, we saw killings in Myanmar. Yet, Twitter fails to even act despite hundreds of people reporting these tweets. 

Independent fact-checkers have repeatedly exposed the people who are misusing the platform. These tweets make way to people's phones through screenshots, in WhatsApp, and go to rural areas where there is no system to debunk them or find their veracity. I urge Twitter to take strong action against xenophobic hatemongers and these serial offenders who are causing great damage to India.