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Twitter must suspend the account of Donald Trump

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Whether or not you believe in the validity of his election (loser of the popular vote by millions, saved by the flawed Electoral College system), whether or not you believe that he is tempermentally equipped for the job, Donald Trump's use of Twitter to make personal attacks on other government leaders both locally and internationally is not only a disgrace to the office of U.S. President, but it is putting our nation and the entire world at risk.

Twitter recently banned a prominent Trump supporter for making threatening tweets toward journalists. Donald Trump's use of Twitter from his position as POTUS is far more dangerous, as his speaking outside of official speeches and press conferences only serves to inflame tensions with nations for whom deployment of diplomacy is more effective.

Past presidents were required to modify their use of media and mobile communication devices. Trump cannot on one hand condemn his former opponent's mishandling of sensitive e-mails & data, while on the other continuing to use social media to undermine the safety and effective leadership of the U.S.A.

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