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Twitter: Ban Trump Now Before He Starts WWIII

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Donald Trump has used Twitter for years to pontificate the many shiny notions, real or fancied, that may catch in the colander of his brain. As a private citizen one may say anything one wishes. As President of the United States, he may not. Trump does not have the capacity to comprehend this, as he is profoundly unqualified.

Social media is not the proper forum for the Commander In Chief to shape foreign or domestic policy. Nor is it the forum to hurl reckless and unfounded accusations at whim. Trump is fond of Twitter, no doubt, because he is not held accountable to the truth, nor scrutinized in any way for his inflammatory remarks. Nor is he held to the highest standards of the office.

But now he has taken a demented turn. Donald Trump is using Twitter to incite WWIII. He has no impulse control. And he is dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that the President of China, Xi Jinping, felt it necessary to strongly caution Trump this week, after Trump's threatening Tweets to N. Korea escalated.

Jay Willis, GQ, offers this very compelling insight:

Kate Knibbs speaks to this issue also, pre-election:

Twitter has the power and the responsibility to ban any account that incites violence. I'd say a nuclear war qualifies.

Our national security and our very lives hang in the balance.

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