Restore @FarhanKVirk Twitter Account

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I am a twitter user from Pakistan who has done more than 610'000 tweets in a span of 5 years. My name is Dr Farhan Virk and my twitter account is @FarhanKVirk. Over the years, Twitter has changed my life. I got recognition due to this medium. It made me popular. In my country, only rich people had this privilege but twitter allowed me to be a person of stature. It made my people love me. I struggle for justice for those people who do not have a voice. I became their voice and we hosted a number of issues related to the injustices in Pakistani society in general to what's happening outside Pakistan.

         9 days ago, I was permanently suspended. I was not informed of any specific reason except that I violated multiple terms and conditions. Over the years I had 261'000 people following me which is a proof that twitter works. It can do miracles in someone's life. I was never an abuser and I shall never be. I followed all rules and regulations. I used to create hashtag activism. I never thought creating hashtags was against any twitter rules or regulations. A local newspaper published a story against me because reporter was biased to my political opinion. She placed some facts wrongly. I have no power to do anything but I can make a plea to you as a user who did 600 thousand plus tweets, as a content creator you can atleast allow me to do that.

1. Followers of bands like BTS create hashtags regularly on twitter.

2. There are various social media cells in India like BJP and Congress, who create hashtags and make political arguments.

3. From Democrats to Republicans, hashtag activism happens across USA. 


4. It is not a crime to raise voice against injustice. It is our human right. Twitter should not silence us for it. 

Hashtag Activism has become one of the hallmarks of twitter. It encourages people to raise their problems and get attention across a major platform. It gives small groups a voice for advocacy of their opinion. It should not be treated as a crime.

I want to ask why are people in smaller countries like me being targeted for our opinion? I am sure if you would look into my account. You shall not find a single violation that falls against terms of service. I believe that there are some factions of political people with opposing views who are misguiding some twitter executives to perform such actions. There is no transparency in this process of permanent suspension. I received no warning. Twitter did not ask me to delete a single tweet. Even YouTube has a 3 strike methodology for eliminating abusive accounts. My hardwork of 5 years has disappeared in seconds.


It is my request as a user of your platform, as a content creator, as a person who has grown with Twitter, please restore my account. I have been the victim of mass reporting as well as a false news story that has led to this situation. Perhaps my opinions on Kashmir did not fit well with a number of people. 


Farhan Khan Virk