Remove Raheel Khursheed from Twitter India

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I am a twitter user and a Hindu by religion from India. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is a very honorable person. But a group of peoples report the account of nationalist in twitter and target hindus and making our accounts suspended. Raheel Khurseed is the pone who is making this happen. He previously not only made mockery of hinduism but also used vulgar words against women and our Honorable Prime Minister.

He is supporting the anti-nationalists and upon their request suspending a mass number of BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) members and supporters. Accounts of person who never violated twitter rules are being suspended with millions of followers.

When we report the anti - nationals or any such person Raheel Khurseed make sure no effect should be taken against them.

Peoples like : @VORdotcom , @shehla_Rashid @ BHAKTSBUSTERS always bashing hinduism and use vulgar language but they never get suspended instaed who raise voice against these anti nationals , those accounts gets suspended.

He made twitter a pure biased place.

If this continues Indian nationalist would have no faith in electronic social media and a huge chaos will cause anarchy upon the country.

People are already talking about this.

But please take action and remove Raheel Khurseed from Twitter India and appoint a non biased , educated person instead. Also make sure there should be no terrorist or anti national group can provoke suspension of nationalists.

Please take the appropriate actions against these peoples.