Protect Freedom of Speech on Twitter

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Middle Eastern minorities are always suffering from oppression in the real world. Oppression now has expanded to include the internet.

The non-religious community (in the Middle East) noticed that they are facing massive cyber-attacks held by what we can call cyber jihadists (individuals and groups). These large numbers of fanatics and cyber jihadists are submitting large numbers of complaints claiming that the non-religious community members are spreading hate speech, which is a manipulative way to stop the non-religious community members from exercising their right of free speech, by expressing their opinions about religion because they feel offended!

Recently, many non-religious accounts (on Twitter) were suspended temporarily/permanently under this false claim, taking advantage of not understanding Arabic by the non-middle eastern admins and observers, or even worse, understanding Arabic but applying terms and conditions agreement unfairly by middle eastern admins and observers.

Members of the ME non-religious community would like to witness fair applying of terms and conditions agreements in a way that protects the basic and solid human right "the right to Freedom of Speech".