Large-scale shut down of accounts that tweet rape threats

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Stand with us and urge Twitter to conduct a large-scale shut down of all accounts who threaten violence against women. Twitter has the resources to track these threats and should be using those resources to shut them down. 

Twitter should be responsible for creating a safe environment and ensuring their platform is not used to promote violence against women. “Young women (18-24) are most likely to experience online harassment in its most severe forms, including stalking, sexual harassment, and physical threats” (Canadian Women’s Foundation 5). Rape and sexual assault threats are used to instil a sense of fear and power over women, as a community striving for equality we cannot accept this kind of behaviour.  

In a recent safety update twitter stated, "We're listening to your feedback so we can learn faster, build smarter, and make meaning progress." With this claim in mind, Twitter needs to accept responsibility and take real action against these threats.

Twitter has block features, but it doesn't stop the fostering communities from creating a platform that promotes violence against women.

We believe in free speech, but sexual harassment, threats of rape, and threats of sexual assault should NOT be protected. 

We'd like to thank Chinmayi Sripada, whose petition in India inspired Canada to stand with her in solidarity. 

Join us in this movement for change.