I want to make Twitter a safer & happier place by minimising negative & pornographic DM's

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Over the last few months I have seen so many reports of DM's that contain hurtful words and / or pornographic images. I have seen friends leave and others hurt by these messages.

I love Twitter but to continue loving it I need to at least try to make it a safer and happier place.

@jack, You have great minds working for you, is there truly nothing that can be done?

I am not an expert but can't DM's be scanned for keywords, hurtful words? Then the DM's be given a rating based on the severity and number of words contained? a rating from 1 to 10 , 1 being safe and 10 being harmful or pornographic. 

Based on this people can make a judgement, to take a risk or not. If its from a friend and its a 9 or 10 then it's probably fine but from a stranger and a 9 or 10 then its probably not fine.

Maybe a warning to say "incoming DM contains an image, do you wish to view this message?"

I know this isn't fool proof and I know it could cause strain on Twitters servers and back end but its just an idea. I am sure you guys can refine this or come up with something else.

Surely we all want Twitter to be a safer and happier place? is this something that can be explored please?

Happy to discuss anything with you @createdblock (Spencer)