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Get Trump Off Twitter

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You may have laughed when businessman Donald Trump used Twitter as a way to mock people with his misspellings and signature exclamation points.

But now that Trump is the president-elect, his tweets can’t be taken as jokes anymore. They are open threats to our rights and to the security of our nation. 

Trump shows just how powerful the medium can be when his every tweet becomes part of the news cycle. One day he’s vowing to censor the free press, the next he’s advocating to take citizenship away when people exercise free speech rights. Whether he’s threatening the First Amendment, promising “retribution” to American businesses, or causing stock prices to drop and endangering people's jobs, his every impulsive word is heard around the world. 

We respect Twitter's efforts to encourage open conversation while protecting its users from threats and targeted harassment. We know you're worried, too, when over and over, Trump has used Twitter to lash out at people, not caring that they and their families will receive death threats as a result. 

On Jan. 20, America will have a volatile and uncontrolled president whose response to national and world events will be firing off angry tweets full of misinformation and threats to our constitutional rights. 

This is a desperate moment. If you had the chance to make people feel safer and do your part to help ensure that the great American experiment is preserved for another generation, wouldn’t you take it? 

We are here asking you to make the most of your opportunity by suspending @realDonaldTrump from Twitter for the duration of Trump’s time as president-elect and president as well as @POTUS while he is president. We understand that Twitter would be taking a risk by suspending such a high-profile and influential user, but for the sake of the Republic, we hope you can make the sacrifice. In just a few weeks, Trump will begin tweeting threats as the most powerful person in the world.

Stop him.

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