Crypto-Currency Tipping methods to be added on Twitter - Reddcoin

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         By now we've all asked the questions: "What is a BitCoin?" or "What is cryptocurrency?". All this talk has everyone wondering what the next steps are for these currencies.

         When you look at a currency like ReddCoin (RDD), which is geared towards social media integration, the possibilities and doors that such an idea could open are beneficial not just for Twitter, but the whole social media community! They are as follows:

- Tipping buttons: For uses that include sending money to family, supporting a charity cause, crowdfunding, donating to your favorite public figures, fundraisers for any type of event tweet-able!

         Reddcoin transfers through block-chain technology at admirable speed and security, it has been built to fit into each social media platform to meet the wants and needs of not only the users, but the developers want as well.

         The first social media platform to jump on a well-packaged service like ReddCoin will become the Neil Armstrong to Reddcoin's social media integration conquest. One small step for social media, One giant leap for it's users.

So sign this petition! Would you like to see ReddCoin integrated into Twitter? Would you like to be able to tip people for their witty tweets? Would you like to change lives with the click of a button by donating to those in need? This partnership would be huge for the positive impact that cryptocurrency could have on this world! Let's make this possible, let's make a change!

- @Hanco_Rabie