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CEOs of Twitter, Amazon, Reddit, Netflix Must Denounce Terrorist Supporter Evan Greer!

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On July 12th, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, Reddit and several other Silicon Valley companies will be partnering with the radical non-profit group Fight for the Future on the so-called Internet-wide "Day of Action." The event is designed to protest the FCC's rollback of Obama-era net neutrality rules.

What you may not know is that Fight for the Future's campaign director, Evan Greer, is an anti-American trans activist who has consistently supported radical Islamic terrorists who put the LGBTQ community and all Americans at great risk.

For over 2 1/2 years from 2009 to 2013, Ms. Greer campaigned to free convicted al Qaeda terrorist Tarek Mehanna from prison. Mr. Mehanna who traveled to Yemen in the early 2000's seeking terrorist training in al Qaeda training camps, was convicted after returning to the U.S. and plotting to shoot up a shopping mall in Boston's suburbs with automatic weapons. He's now serving 17 years in federal prison. After his conviction, Ms. Greer tweeted, “My thoughts are with Tarek Mehanna and his family. Whatever sentence the courts impose is illegitimate.”

Prior to his conviction, Mr. Mehanna also attended the same radical Cambridge mosque as the Boston Marathon bombers and at least 7 other radical Islamic terrorists, one of whom was Mr. Mehanna's co-conspirator Ahmad Abousamra. Mr. Abousamra was ISIS' top propagandist and promoted ISIS videos of beheadings, torture, and throwing gay men off the top of buildings to their deaths.

Another attendee at Mr. Mehanna's mosque was Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader who believes that gays should "suffer the same punishment as any sexual pervert...public lashing."

The 2017 Ramadan speaker at Mr. Mehanna's mosque, Yasir Qadhi, is a radical cleric who has advocated murdering gay men and women saying, "This doesn't mean we go and do this in America, [but] if we had an Islamic state, we would do this."

Only one week after the Bataclan Theater terrorist massacre in Paris which killed 139 people, Ms. Greer protested that the terrorist attackers were not Syrian, despite the fact that the attack was planned in Syria, that all of the attackers had fought in Syria, and that they had traveled undetected between Syria and Europe on multiple occasions. 

Only one day after the Orlando nightclub shooting that killed 49 people and injured 59 more, Ms. Greer blamed everyone BUT radical Islam for the deaths, saying, "Things that kill the most queer ppl: Enforced poverty, lack of health care, suicide caused by oppression. Things media wants to blame: Islam."

In a series of February 2017 tweets, Ms. Greer appeared to defend the actions of Islamic terrorists as only responding appropriately “given what our government does to their countries” and even suggesting that LGBTQ people face "constant violent attacks" not from radical terrorists, but from Christians here in the U.S.

Ms. Greer has also celebrated other terrorists, praising and celebrating cop-killer Assata Shakur, a radical Black Panther member who shot and killed a New Jersey police officer in cold blood in the '70s before escaping to Cuba.

Despite her steadfast defense and support of radical Islamic and domestic terrorists, Ms. Greer is routinely quoted in the media and granted audiences with some of the nation’s most influential politicians and public officials.

As Americans, we find Ms. Greer's actions detestable and cowardly. Her consistent defense of radical Islamic terrorists deserves condemnation, not partnership. As some of the most powerful Internet companies in the world, we find your decision to partner with someone who defends radical terrorists who have murdered hundreds of Americans in cold-blood (both gay and straight) to be inexplicable and inexcusable. 

As citizens of the Internet, we demand that you immediately and publicly condemn Ms. Greer’s support of the violent terrorists who threaten the lives of both straight and LGBTQ Americans.

We look forward to your response. 



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