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Ban in sale of Tobacco worldwide in all forms of smoking and chewing products.

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Its not a new thing .Tobacco ,taken orally in form of chewing powder and cigarettes is indeed killing us.Yet we are reluctant to take steps to crack down into the racket of the flourishing tobacco markets.

We live in a time where every two general news topics are followed by a real life story on a terminal disease.We live in a time where the pollution and social lifestyle has contributed enough in making our life the home for several diseases.We live in a time when we know that the resting heart rates of young adult smokers are two to three beats per minute faster than nonsmokers and they are more prone to lung cancer,stroke,unprotected sex,emotional instability,abrupt psychological changes in behavior;but still we refuse to bat an eye.

We should remember a smoker does not only put his own life in danger ,but also harms all those around him by making them passive smokers and by harvesting an atmosphere of risky behavior.

Let us come forward to eliminate this evil from the surface of this wonderful planet.

#I Can't,We Can

Thank you!.

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