We Urge Twitter to Protect Rape Victims From Harassment

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We Urge Twitter to Reinstate AngryGotFan!

In May 2015, a rape victim anonymously contacted @AngryGoTFan with a 6,500 word essay on how the 'shock rape' scene of HBO's Game of Thrones affected her as a victim, and her worries for how HBO's problematic promotion of rape culture would affect other victims and future victims. That victim is @MoreLikeJeyne

@AngryGoTFan posted this essay in full:

@AngryGoTFan also recorded his own video against the rape scene as well as the issue of marital rape which is still legal in many countries, and he urged interested people to visit - the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network - to donate and learn more about these serious issues. @AngryGoTFan has

Within days, people who run websites supporting HBO began defaming @AngryGoTFan and @MoreLikeJeyne claiming that she is not real and that the essay is false.

They used bullying tactics, hate language, and most heinously, have continued to harass @MoreLikeJeyne for months. Even long after the incident they continued to harass @MoreLikeJeyne and deny her existence, even after having been presented with ample evidence that she is a real person, a real victim.

Here is the evidence of their bullying and harassment:
She has also started her own website to prove she is real:

These bullies are @Thrones_Fury and @GameOverRos - they continue to this day to harass @MoreLikeJeyne by attacking her and attacking anyone who stands up for her, or points out that they should not be using the Twitter service for their abusive behavior. The fact that one of them also runs a large HBO blog/twitter account is problematic, to say the least.

When independent attempts have been made to learn just why @Thrones_Fury and @GameOverRos are so quick to call rape victims liars, they have been bullied as well:

Following the most recent incident of their harassment and bullying, @AngryGoTFan was suspended from Twitter.

Despite repeated attempts to file appeals, email, and tweet to Twitter Support, there has not even been a single response to anyone as to why @AngryGoTFan has been suspended.

To the leaders of Twitter: Take a stand against Rape Culture. Take a stand against those who bully, attack, harass, and defame rape victims. Do the right thing. Make Twitter a place that supports people who stand up for rape victims, against rape culture, and raise money and awareness for sexual assault victims. Together, we can make Twitter a better community for everyone.

cc: @jack @adambain @vijaya @KatieS

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