Let us have colored hair !

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The school always tells us to “be ourselves” but how can we be ourselves if we aren’t allowed to express ourselves? Our dress code states that we are not allowed to have dyed hair. They say we aren’t allowed to dye hair because it is “distracting” but there has never once been an incident where someone failed their test because the girl that sits next to them has pink hair. There has been numerous people that have been sent to ISS for having blue in their hair, and for what? Nothing harmful or dangerous was done by these students. 

The motto is “dress for success” but how can we succeeded at a place where kids don’t feel welcomed because self expression isn’t allowed here?  

“Texting while driving is the cause of 2.35 million car crashes a year while having dyed hair is the cause of 0 car crashes a year.” 

Both Lehman and Johnson allow colored hair, so what makes us so different that we are not allowed to express ourselves? Colored hair is not hurting anyone, it does not cause a distraction. It is simply a self expression. If you truly do want us to feel welcomed and accepted at this school then please do what’s right and let us express ourselves in the most harmless way! 

Allow the students of Jack C. Hays High School to dye their hair any color they want!