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The Victorian State Government wants to compulsory acquire the buses and depots of Private Operators at the end of their current contracts. This will mean that families who have spent many years building up their businesses to provide a safe and efficient public transport service, will have it taken from them with tne stroke of a pen. This action will place bus services in Victoria in the hands of large Multi - National companies whose sole focus is on their bottom line rather than the needs of the travelling public. This has been happening since 2012/13 when a foreign operator was awardedthe operating rights to Government owned buses and depots. Complaints to the Public Transport Ombudsman have more than quadrupled compared to the last operator. Roadworthiness has plummeted with this foreign operator as more than 100 of its buses were deemed to be unroadworthy. The Government condones this poor performance.

Tell the Andrews Labor Government to stop being the unquestioning advocate for the bureaucracy 's public ownership agenda and misleading the public in the process.

It is not in the interest of passengers or the public generally that bus operators be forcedto sell their assets to the Government or their nominee.

Bus owners just want to keep using their own assets to continue providing the excellent community service they've been contracted to do for the last 60 to 100 years.