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Unqualified Teachers and Teaching Assistants working with our Children in New Zealand

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Today in New Zealand we have the Highest Needs Children being taught by the LOWEST QUALIFIED TEACHERS and TEACHING ASSISTANTS.

If you were to check job postings for Teaching Assistants in New Zealand.  Often the Job Posting is so similiar to those as a Barista or Customer Service person at a leading Department Store. That is SHOCKING!! 

The outcomes are not advantageous and sometimes detrimental to our children's future, impacts heavily on our families and our communities. Children can excel if they have the right people with the right qualifications and experience working with them. BUT, sadly we DON'T have that YET in New Zealand. 

Studies have shown if you change a childs IQ by only 15-points it is the difference from them being institionalized or having an independent life when they are older. Which do you think is the better outcome?

IT's TIME we put our children first in New Zealand.  No more treating them as second or third class citizens with minimal to no value to our communities and country. They can be positive contributers and our families, communities and country needs them to be all of what they are capable of being.  Help them be the very best and INSIST on Certified Training  for Teaching Assistants and Certified Specialists in Autism.  

Insist our Universities, Polytechnics and other training institutes seek out and develop NCEA approved training programs to train Teaching Assistants how to be the needed professionals that our children desperately need them to be. 

Insist also that our teachers in the schools also receive the needed specialized training so they know better ways to communicate and teach children with special needs.

It is no different than if you had your drivers license and you are a fully competent and safe driver in an automatic vehicle.  But now for the first time you have to drive a delivery truck, a bus or a manual vehicle -do you know where to start?Are you any good at it? Would you still be a safe and competant driver on the roads?  Probably not, but if you got some training and knowledge and practice you could be!

The same with our well educated and qualified teachers.  They know how to teach "Neuro Typical" children BUT they DO NOT HAVE THE SKILL SET or COMPETENCY to teach our children with Special Needs as they  DO NOT have the training, practice and expertise to do that.  They are now UNQUALIFIED and INCOMPETENT in teaching  Special Needs Children. Yet this scenario plays out in our schools every day throughout New Zealand.  

Unqualified Teaching Assistants and Teachers are training our Special Needs children.  So instead of getting positive results for our children they are often being kept back and sometimes developing other issues such as ODD - Oppositional Defiance Disorder, increased anxiety and experience regression,  or other related issues. They are experiencing high levels of issolation, bullying and mistreatment in our schools.  It goes from bad to worse in many cases. 

Give the message that our children have VALUE and provide QUALIFIED Certified Teaching Assistants and Teachers into our school systems. Insist that Governments Legislate and Polytechnics and Universities and other Training Partners Develop and FUND the training programs to  FAST TRACK this URGENTLY NEEDED update in our school systems. 

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