Support the call for Unity Day

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I suggest we create Unity Day.

A celebration of New Zealand, our differences and our similarities held on March 15 each year. This day will allow us to acknowledge the loss suffered on 15th March 2019 in Christchurch by focussing on a display of unity. On this day New Zealanders should find a way to break down the barriers between us all. Visit a neighbour you might not know and find something you have in common. Start a conversation with someone who differs from you by race, religion, sexuality, disablement, or any aspect and explore your differences then find something you share in common. Help to understand these aspects which seperate us then try and bridge the gap. Visit a different kind of church on that day and see how others worship. Visit a homeless shelter and try and gain an understanding of the differences in our lives. Help to find the common ground. Unify.

By doing this we will remember the 50 individuals who lost their lives and their loss will help bring us all closer together. It will create unity and understanding with a million tiny changes. Year after year we will become closer as a society and walk taller hand in hand, supporting each other, building a better New Zealand and a better world. 

Make the lives of the 50 change the world and help to create a better future. Let their loss be the force that drives the unification of our spirit as we move forward step by step. Unify. Uplift. Understand.