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The purpose of this petition is to give publicity to a shameful act perpetrated on a significant number of NZ senior citizens and residents. Section 70 of the NZ Social Security Act discriminates unfairly against many NZ pensioners. This petition was started by Graham Astley, a 78 year old NZ born citizen. Apart from 3 years in the 1970s he has lived his whole life in NZ. An old American friend came to live with him in Auckland. Because she receives an American pension, the NZ Ministry of Social Development said he could not continue to receive a New Zealand pension. For him to become eligible to receive a NZ pension again, they would have to part company or they could both leave NZ and take up residence in the US. But this is not about them. It is about all the many NZ resident pensioners who suffer a similar or related penalty because of this appallingly bad law. It's bad enough for him, a Kiwi but mostly this about immigrants to New Zealand. The publicity extolling this beautiful country with it's high levels of education, health care, employment prospects and so on. Not a word is mentioned of the financial trap that awaits so many of them, around 90,000 to date. Too many people are not aware because it does not directly affect them. On behalf of all victims, as much support as possible is being sought from all people. From all people everywhere who are offended that a shocking law like this could be passed and applied in this otherwise fair minded and decent country. It is sad to report that our government is ignoring us and is unlikely to take any notice without a big push. So that is what this is all about, building for a big push. Names are not revealed unless you agree to that and it costs nothing, so please help us by giving us your support. Thank you



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