Stop Multinational Corporations exporting Kiwis artesian water, without paying a royalty.

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Stop Multinational Corporations exporting Kiwis artesian water, without paying a royalty.

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Stop Multinational Corporations exporting New Zealander's pristine, artesian aquifer spring water without paying a royalty. Yearly compliance costs in the mere hundreds, while they make millions is ethically corrupt.

Here is some current news links so you can make an informed decision. Ultimately you be the  judge;

Other issues to be addressed are existing water bottling companies, like in Whakatane, Otakiri Springs, plan to sell to Chinese company Nongfu. The Oveseas Investment Office must intervene by rejecting the granting of an approval. We can not allow all the water bottling consents being gobbled up by foreign companies at our current and future generations exspense.  

Spring Water Bankers like Zodiac Holdings, 2 wide eyed boys from Auckland City with their bore plant at Poroti Springs, Northland. Sat on for years and now set to cash up by selling on to the big players moving in. While across the road the resident Hapu and other locals have their rights trodden all over, it is an injustice that has to be corrected.

The notion of a Kiwi Company or any other, raiding our National Park at Mount Aspiring. Taking mountain water from a source and piping out into tankers to ship abroad must be halted. This is a slippery slope, an enviromental catastrophe just wanting to happen should this folly get signed off.          

The above are typical examples of what is happening in regions around New Zealand. We must gain control, things have gotten way out of hand regarding the sensible guardianship of our most precious resource. Water Is Life!

1. We call on our elected representives in the House of Parliament to make changes which will see water bottling companies pay rate/tax payers a fair share through a royalty. Also alter by way of policies, future proofing other issues raised in this petition, but not limited to as our elected representives will further strengthen with added clauses.

2. We call on New Zealand Regional & District Council's to put on hold any further applications to increase the amount of water these spring water traders maybe  requesting, retrospective as of 20th, March, 2017. Meaning no more huge volume increases, licences running years on end into an uncertain future. All councils must have a uniform fresh water sustainability policy set down from Central Government and abide by it.

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