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As we all know Covid19 aka corona virus is popping up in our beautiful little NZ. Myself and most likely everyone in this country is asking for strict border controls and better leadership. I wish to keep this petition very short as it is a very straight forward subject. As far as today we now have 20 confirmed cases in New Zealand and the figures will continue to climb as long as we keep our borders open. All cases have returned from some of the worst hit countries and we don't need that kind of tragedy happening here. 

We are only going to be able to keep it at bay for so long and the way I see it and by the comments of other social media users, our government is not doing enough to protect nz and its people.

This is directed to the government as they call all the shots when it comes to big epidemics or serious emergencies. The head of tourism needs to think about locals, not tourists. As tourists have also said online, and demonstrated that they will refuse to self isolate and will more than likely spread this virus to an extent we dare not dream of. 

People we need your signatures to help our people and our country. We need so save our people and think of NZs health, NOT WEALTH!

Please share this far and wide as we will need many signatures to make this anywhere near possible and every signature counts!

Please be safe, be smart, stay healthy!