Independence for Waikato

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Brexit. Catalonia. Montreal. Waikato.

The Waikato region is in desperate need to break away from the sorry state that is the rest of the country. We've got everything we need here as well. Here's the list of reasons the Waikato separatist movement want to seperate from new zealand:

We've got good beaches. We've got good mountains. We've got a big river. We've got lots of cows. We've got hobits. We've got ngahinepouri golf club. We've got cowbells. We've got chainsaws. We've got Huntly. We've got waikato draft. We've got madsoundz. We've got hbhs. We've got Lisa Lewis. And we're no longer top of the country's chlymidya per capita list.

Plus we could fix the country's rugby dominance by creating a new team and weakening the all blacks at the same time.

We don't need jafa Auckland and we don't need windy wellington and we don't need gonorrhoea new plymoth.

Let's do this jacinda put some pride back in the mighty waikato.

Wai exit new zealand? Because we have Waikato!