Remove the chemical DHMO from New Zealand's Water Supply.

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After chlorine was put into the water, I decided to see what other chemicals are put into the water we drink. I found that DHMO or as it is also known as Hydroxic Acid was present in the water we drink. I want the government to stop putting this chemical in our water supply.

DHMO is dipolar in nature. This means that the DHMO is attracted to other molecules of DHMO. The DHMO reacts with your body making you crave more and more. Lack of DHMO can often lead to dizziness and headaches. Prolonged lack of DHMO can lead to sudden changes in blood pressure, fever, coma, and seizures. Mild Overconsumption of DHMO can lead to vomiting, hyponatremia, dangerously imbalanced levels of ECF and ICF, and the degeneration of sodium homeostasis. DHMO in its gaseous state is known to cause severe burns. A severe overconsumption of DHMO can be fatal. In 2015 there were 360,000 deaths worldwide. In 2017, the WSNZ found a 13% increase in deaths related to consuming fatal levels of HDMO in New Zealand alone.

Low levels of DHMO can result in lower quantities of sperm and has been known to ruin sex drive. Since becoming pregnant Jacinda has increased her intake of DHMO. A commonly found in pesticides and is the key component of many toxins, poisons, etc. Biopsies of precancerous tumours have found DHMO to be present.

Before an endurance athlete begins their race whether it be long distance running or cycling, consumption of a large amount of DHMO occurs. It is known within running circles to drastically improve performance. Why is it allowed to be used when taking it before a race it can drastically alter the outcome of a race?

There has been a lot of outcry concerning DHMO yet it is still used. Way (1998) published his findings on the Internet. Included evidence from the Environmental Protection Agency and National Institutes of Health. Kulick et al. (1998) found that 90% of participants in an environmental study were for the outright ban of DHMO.

DHMO has been found to be used in World War 2 Prison Camps including Japan and Germany. Chinese torture methods were also refined through DHMO. Humans are not the only test subjects for DHMO as it is always commonly used in animal experimentation.

In 1998 the Australian Parliament tried to propose a bill but it was quickly silenced.

In 2001, the New Zealand Green Party proposed a campaign to ban DHMO internationally. A representative for Green said, 'they were absolutely supportive of the campaign to ban this toxic substance.' Yet the campaign never went through.

Kris McGaha gathered signatures from concerned environmentalists to sign a petition to ban DHMO. The petition received a lot of signatures but was shut down.

In 2004, California tried banning the use of foam containers at city-sponsored events because DHMO is part of their production. Again, the bill was shut down.

In 2006, the executive director of the Waterfront Development Corporation added DHMO to a large fountain to stop people from bathing in it. People stopped bathing in the fountain.

In 2007, a National Party MP wrote to the Associate Minister of Health complaining about DHMO and was ignored.

In 2013, two radio show presenters in Florida were suspended because they tried to expose the local utility company for contaminating the water with DHMO.

With all the petitions signed and the large public outcry for ban of such a toxic substance, why is it allowed to continue to infect our water systems? Because people in power don't want this getting out. There is so much money to be made in aspects of our society. I have hope in humanity that this petition does not die and something can be done to if not completely remove then at least reduce the amounts of DHMO in our water supply. We have become addicts to DHMO similar to an addict with cocaine. We cannot survive without it. The government are playing a dangerous game with the levels of DHMO present in our water supply. I don’t want future generations to be affected by DHMO.


(Picture taken by Christel Yardley)