Remove excise tax on petrol

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Fuel prices are steadily increasing and although there has been a government promise to look into why the price is so high, this study will take about a year to complete. I cannot imagine how high the price of petrol will be by the time this investigation has been completed. The government could immediately drop the price of petrol to below $2 nationwide by getting rid of the excise tax on fuel. 

The AA Motoring websites latest report shows that excise tax makes up 69.984 cents of the total price we pay at the pump. To those who are paying around $2.20 per litre would actually pay about $1.51 per litre if there was no excise tax. This is a HUGE saving. I’m guessing the above amounts would’ve increased as petrol has increased 10c in the month of May alone in some areas. 

Please remove excise tax from the price of petrol.