Allow Vegetable Seeds on the Essentials Courier List.

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With the new directive of only essentials to be be couriered, we are not allowed to have vegetable seeds couriered out to the people of New Zealand. I would like the government to put vegetable seeds onto the essentials list. As with the "Dig for Victory" campaign of World War 2 it is important for the families of NZ to be able to grow food in their own backyards. Not only is it ensuring a supply of food for families but also providing education, exercise, improving mental health and keeping people isolated in their own homes. If this virus keeps us in lockdown for a lengthy period of time, this could be an important resource for families. Unfortunately the shops were stripped of seed supplies or online deliveries of seeds had not been received before the lockdown. The time to plant seeds is now not in 4 weeks time. Please rethink this decision Jacinda.