NZ man gets home detention for raping 15 year old girl 7+ times - sign to get an appeal!

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Earlier this evening I came across the article below -

An Oamaru man got sentenced to only 9 MONTHS HOME DETENTION, for the rape of a 15 year old girl. He didn't do this once, or twice but more than 7 times. Once when her sister was watching and screaming at him to stop. He fed her drugs and alcohol each occasion, knowing what she was doing. She was terrified, also terrified to stop seeing him or to say no or to go to the police. This has destroyed this young woman's life who now can't even go to the mall by herself and has nightmares of the ordeals she went through, her teenage hood and young womanhood has been ripped away from her and this sick man only got 9 MONTHS HOME DETENTION for this, not even prison. He shows little to no remorse. He has a drug addiction and has relapsed and is back in a rehab program. He wasn't even listed as a child sex offender.... What is wrong with this Judge?! I push for her to resign also alongside the sensible sentencing trust (SST). 


Sign this petition in support for an appeal against his sentence and push for prison time! And also the RESIGNATION of Judge Haze. This judge has a long history of home detention sentencing for serious crimes. Its not good enough! This man is DEFINATELY a risk to the community. The guy has 7 facebook profiles for starters which is questionable and creepy, probably preying on lots of young woman and can still lure them to his home while under home detention. He has PREVIOUS CONVICTIONS including male assaults female, meth charges, comman assault and attempted theft. When he shows little to no remorse and is showing no interest to better his life as has relapsed back to meth, why wouldn't he try this again while on home detention? Sign this and help keep your kids and other kids safe away from this monster and get this ridiculous judge resigned or sacked!