No war for Aotearoa- NZ to stay out of Trumps conflicts

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New Zealand is a great nation of peace and human rights. We as a people must not repeat the history of violence from Ww1 and Ww2 - We must not enter Ww3 and stand in peace , love, and light- Aotearoa must not fight or support foreign warfare- we must be an example of wisdom and greatness- stand against violence, greed, and pain! The middle eastern conflicts caused by Americas invasion for oil is not our kaupapa- Time we stand for what is right and DEMAND world peace by actively being peaceful- by the words of Ruakenana "Let the white man fight the white mans war" - let us not loose our men, and let us not be responsible for the loss of our brothers and sisters of other nations- sign this petition to Jacinda Ardern to pull NZ out of foreign conflicts- and send a message to the world that we are against ALL wars- we are a diverse nation for men of all creeds -God Defend New Zealand.