Help get Abby Hartley home to recover. Winston Peters says the government can’t afford it!

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Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says the Government is unable to financially assist to get a Kiwi mum home after she became seriously ill in Bali.

Abby Hartley, 41, was rushed into emergency surgery after falling ill on her first day of her "second honeymoon" on the Indonesian island with husband Richard on August 1.

Despite the success of the operation Hartley went on to develop acute respiratory distress syndrome before catching a severe infection causing one of her lungs to collapse.

Hartley said his wife of 18 years has been hanging in there, but so far none of the antibiotics had worked, and they needed to get her home to New Zealand, which would cost up to $160,000.

This has what WINSTON PETERS has said - 

"I understand that Abby's situation is a very challenging one," Peters said in his response."However I have to confirm that the New Zealand Government is unable to fund the costs of medical care of evacuations for New Zealanders who become ill while overseas."

To make things even more difficult, Abby Hartleys husband and her son's visas will soon run out, meaning they will incur fines each day they overstayed, or need to leave the country and re-enter.

Please JACINDA ARDERN, Help this family. Kiwis should stick together. You politicians have enough money to do what you want with it, so why can’t one medical aircraft be spared and sent for this sick women who needs to get back to New Zealand URGENTLY! 

This just isn’t how the New Zealand Government is suppose to treat kiwi citizens. It’s shameful and disgusting that you MR WINSTON PETERS can make one phone call to save a ladies life, yet you say you have no funding for it? 

JACINDA ARDERN STEP UP. As a mother, as a daughter, as New Zealand’s Leader. To save a beautiful woman who needs our help! 

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