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Give New Zealand free movement within EU block as an independent like Switzerland!

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Create closer ties between New Zealand and EU by putting in place a new free movement policy between New Zealand and the EU. You can see this working very well between Switzerland and EU as an example. 

By allowing free movement, both EU and New Zealand will boost each other's economies and create more job opportunities for both ends. It has nothing to do with the geographical positioning, but more to do with if the visions of the two entities align, which they do very strongly.

My personal scenario is that as a migrant from New Zealand in EU (Currently in the Netherlands) I am severely limited in the following ways (I will only detail one or two):

- I have to live 5 continuous years of my life in the Netherlands before I can gain residence. This means that until I get residence, I can't do what other EU residents can do for example: Work in Netherlands, but live just outside on the German border where it is cheaper for example and the scenery is more to our mental/emotional taste.

- I can't take out the necessary loans from banks due to the time limitation on my Visa to improve my living conditions in for example my home or a more suitable working car, etc.

- The list goes on and on

Instead of having to try and deal with every different EU country's different residence requirements, why not just let New Zealand citizens have free movement, so we can live and work anywhere in EU to contribute in all manners of highly skilled employment. 

Look how well it is working for Switzerland!! If Switzerland can do it, why can't New Zealand?! Just imagine the possibilities and the drop of monopoly amongst businesses in NZ for example.....

Disclaimer: I am happy to explain in more detail the motivation as we get more people interested if the motivation is not already clear enough in this description.

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