Access to basic gardening needs such as compost, mulch, and seedlings to grow our own food

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We feel we should have the right to grow our own food during this period of crisis. Each trip to the supermarket has become a stressful mission. If basic gardening supplies were accessible to the community this would benefit a few points. One, growing your own food is a way to stay busy. Two, it will help with mental health. Three, fewer people will need to visit the grocery stores which helps with self-isolating and stopping the spread of the virus. This is a safer way to access fresh food. Fourth, growing your own food not only benefits the population but the environment as well. Fifth, financially speaking, home gardening will bring more affordable fresh food to people, especially families with low income. Waking up to work on your garden is something to look forward to. Finding a routine to follow can help many people relax in this scary unknown time. Basic gardening supplies, compost, mulch, and seedlings should be considered as an essential need. This will help reconnect with nature. 

As a solution, if we were able to order these supplies online to have them be delivered or if we were able to find them at the supermarket this would be a great help to many people.