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Jacinda Ardern, please curtail wasteful spending of NZ tax payers money.

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This petition is to raise awareness and concern about alleged wasteful spending of New Zealand tax-payers money from August 2017. The alleged wasteful spending has allegedly been undertaken using money intended to support New Zealander's experiencing financial, health and other difficulties.

Summary - Updated 25 February 2018

What is the issue?

The alleged wasteful spending includes providing members of the public (non-beneficiaries) with cash vouchers in return for providing services. It is alleged that on numerous occasions, cash vouchers were redeemed at fast food outlets and cafe chains in central Sydney including:

·       McDonalds (George Street and Sydney International Airport Terminal)

·       Hungry Jacks (George Street)

·       Starbucks (George Street and Elizabeth Street).

What is the alleged level of wasteful spending?

The total amount of alleged wasteful spending since August 2017 may have exceeded $75,000 (NZD). Allegedly, most of the spending occurred in Sydney during 17/12/2017 and 21/02/2018.

Where did the spending occur?

New Zealand:

Wellington, Waikato region (01/09/2017 to 16/12/2017)

Auckland (17/12/2017, 21/02/2018 to present)


Sydney, Canberra (17/12/2017 to 21/02/2018)

It is not known why the alleged spending took place in Australia.

How did the alleged wasteful spending occur?

It is alleged that members of the public are approached online (either via mobile phone). It is alleged that face-to-face contact does not occur.

It is alleged that staff in common fast food restaurants and cafe chains are less likely to have been offered cash vouchers.

It is also alleged that other members of the public and organisations have also been approached and asked to provide services (without the incentive of cash vouchers).

Why did the alleged wasteful spending occur?

The rationale for the alleged distribution of cash vouchers (that in many instances were redeemed for cash) is not known. However, it is alleged that, during 17/12/2017 and 21/02/2018, members of the public may have been asked to leave partly eaten food at tables in common fast food restaurants and cafe chain stores. The reason for these alleged actions is not known.

What are the longer term implications of the alleged wasteful spending on those alleged targeted?

Direct costs included allegedly distribution of cash vouchers and other financial rewards.

Indirect costs may also be incurred by those approached and asked to provide services. Potential examples include:

·       Staff hours among those approached to undertake these activities

·       Potential lost earnings among those targeted

·       Potential long-term loss of earnings due to potential loss of reputation among those targeted.

What are the specific objectives of this petition?

This petition to the Right Hon. Jacinda Ardern requests that urgent action be taken to curtail the alleged wasteful spending of this type by government, and to prevent further wasteful spending of this type.

This petition also aims to raise awareness of the importance of government departments and agencies delivering services to New Zealand's facing financial, health and other hardship to demonstrate prudence and caution in their non-essential spending. This includes not spending excessive money on non-essential items where there is no obvious benefit to the population experiencing financial, health and other hardship.

New Zealand's hard working employees pay taxes to provide a range of services for those experiencing financial, health and other difficulties. This includes providing income-tested benefits, accommodation support, emerging housing support  and a range of other supports. Specific types of income support include unemployment support, single parent support, and supporting living assistance (for those with health conditions), as well as a range of supplementary benefits and grants. As part of their core contract with the New Zealand government, individuals who receive government income support have a number of obligations they are required to meet.

This petition is to raise awareness of the obligations of government departments delivering income-support services and other supplementary forms of assistance to moderate their own spending of tax-payers money and to reduce non-essential spending. 


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