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Tell Seamless it is NOT ok to scam customers and block accounts

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Seamless has blocked our account due to over use of promos. These are promos that were given to us by seamless. Here is the letter in details. We ask you to please help and tell seamless they cannot steal from customers and block accounts to run away from it. There are lots of accounts that should be shut down, innocent customers should not be punished to make an example of. 


I have been told that account or payment method has been blocked due to over use of promo cards. This is by far the most severe exhibit of irresponsibility and failure on behalf on seamless. The only promos I received were ones authorized by seamless staff and offered up upon their suggestion because of either completely inaccurate orders or restaurant issues beyond my control that had to be refunded or horrid customer service. For the former, I always prove my issues with pictures and specifics and seamless has seen with their own eyes if an order was inaccurate or inedible. (Further explained below). For the latter, I experienced some strange and discriminatory behavior as of late with one of your staff telling me that "everyone nowadays can afford a phone" as an answer when I exclaimed myself and my fiancé used the house phone as our go to telephone number. After reporting this, I was told by your managers that there were new staff on board who needed to be retrained and they apologized for the completely unacceptable treatment. IF I EVER GOT PROMOS ITS BECAUSE THE SITUATION WARRANTED THEM.

There is no way that I will be blamed and unable to use my existing promos because of a mistake from restaurants or seamless staff themselves. Keep in mind that an existing promo I do have left (my only one) is because a restaurant refused to refund an order even after I had proved to staff that I was given the wrong order. This is MY MONEY YOU ARE TAKING. You are going in and calculating a way to cheat a good customer out of what is rightfully hers. If there are too many promos in your opinion then that is a reflection on seamless protocol and structure and the restaurants you allow on your site. Instead of taking this opportunity to better the customer service experience you have caused utter havoc to a good customer. Instead of bettering customer service, holding company morals and taking accountability , this is how I am repaid. I am an excellent customer who has written RAVE REVIEWS about restaurants and seamless itself on my youtube channel that has over one million followers, across social media and on my food blog. In fact all of my reviews come from food I order thru seamless and I continue to shout out seamless as a go to delivery service. Your management sees that and has tried to make up for any mistakes with a promo. If you spend thousands of dollars a year on seamless orders , chances are if you pay attention some mistakes may happen. Until now seamless took responsibility but this act of blocking my account or use of promos I DESERVE is remarkably inappropriate.

I am willing to go thru any and all channels to right this wrong regardless of what it takes. My office consist of 25 employees who all have a private seamless account along with our main corporate acct. And my fiancé , in laws, sister , cousin are all a part of seamless with our own accounts, financial services etc.(See here: restaurant issues further explained): Im sorry but not everyone nowadays can "afford" a phone with minutes, getting the wrong order after paying 50 bucks SHOULD INDEED be met with compensation, canceling an order because you ordered entrees of chicken and the store does not have chicken is not my fault, uncharging my account for a condiment that YOUR MENU has marked as free is also not my fault, etc. These issues have happened to me. They were not something I caused, they were something that shotty training has caused, and when a manager attempts to fix this, the last thing that you should do is blame and punish the customer for this.

All in all I have spent an enormous amt of money at seamless, and to think that I am unable to use promos I received, some as refunds is stealing money from me and cannot happen. Myself and my coworkers have reached out via social media, made a public announcement on the food blog youtube channel and here I am to prepare a formal letter to you to ask for help and have started a petition on to right these injustices. A big company like this cannot get away with hurting customers like this because of their own problems. This action is completely unwarranted and insulting and an absolute abuse of power and as customers who have trusted your site I deserve better. Please respond with a rectification. I thank you for your time and patience today.


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