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Trinidad and Tobago citizens has been facing a number of unfair charges from Bmobile also known as Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited and another service Provider Digicel Trinidad and Tobago. 

After both companies decided to roll out   their new Unlimited Data Plans, many citizens have been facing irregular charges from both service providers of which citizens are being told from Bmobile that charges may apply under their FAIR USAGE POLICY and this will be determined by the network.  

These plans prescribed to customers are being falsely advertised as charges may apply under a Policy that does not give proper information as to how charges may apply per customer.  

BMOBILE FAIR USAGE POLICY indicates that customers can make unlimited calls text and usage data.  However the Policy gives nothing as to a limit to calls of which after 1 or 2 hours whilst on another network, this Policy steps in and you are being charged. via the website   Unlimited only applies to ALL Domestic calls, not International calls. Unlimited Mobile users can send International SMS for the duration of their plans. For data services, bmobile will give customers unlimited data at the fastest available speed in the customer’s service area, up to 4GLTE. And as outlined below, the Unlimited offers are intended for Customers’ personal usage. 

Voice, Data and Text Usage
There are no preset caps placed on usage. Only on rare occasions will bmobile intervene and ensure that customers are utilizing their service without violating the fair usage definition outlined below. Bmobile wants to protect the 99% of its customers that utilize their service in a way that is not excessive nor violates this fair usage policy. On the rare occasion that a customer far exceeds the average use of 99% of our customers, bmobile, at its discretion, may notify the Customer that they are using excessive amounts of services, may prompt an investigation to ensure policy violations are not occurring, or have their access temporarily reduced or suspended until it ascertains whether the customer is using services properly. This is intended to maximize the quality of service for all bmobile customers.

Data Streaming
Many of our customers enjoy the freedom that Unlimited wireless mobility provides to stream videos, audio, and online games when they are in our service area.  Bmobile’s Unlimited plans provide its customers streaming speeds up to 512kbps for these services.  So long as the usage is not ‘extraordinary’ or ‘prolonged’ as noted below or far exceed the average usage of 99% of our customers, subscribers will have the ability to stream wherever it is available.

We realize that the website  shows lack of proper communication as these rare occasions the policy may step in to charge customers.  We also realize that the Policy is also lying to customers since, persons crossing networks may also be charged.  


" Digicel operates a fair usage policy (FUP). It is important to Digicel that all eligible Digicel customers are able to access our Services. Accordingly, we have devised a FUP which applies to all our Services. Digicel may rely on this fair usage policy where your usage of the Services is excessive or unreasonable as detailed in this paragraph. Digicel has developed a threshold for the Services and the related tariffs by reference to average customer profiles and estimated customer usage of the Services (particularly the estimated volume and length of calls likely to be made and data used by end users) (the “Threshold”). If, at the absolute discretion of Digicel, Digicel is of the opinion, that your usage of the Services materially exceeds the Threshold over any period (to be determined at Digicel’s sole discretion), Digicel reserves the right to charge you for the excessive element of your usage at your price plan's standard rate or to suspend, at its absolute discretion, modify or restrict your use of the Services or to withdraw your access to the Services entirely."

This policy does not indicate How persons can be charged or why are they being charged whilst under a data plan. Customers are fedup complaining of being robbed of which when reports are made, BMOBILE you have to wait 24-48 hours before someone can tell you how your money is being spent. DIGICEL also says to you the same thing. 


1. How is one charged on excessive use of service although they have an UNLIMITED PLAN? 

2. Why is a charged applied from DIGICEL if the plan has no limit yet their is a limit to USAGE? 

3. Digicel why are customers being charged whilst still being on their plan. 

4. Bmobile, why are customers being charged under a FAIR USAGE POLICY if they are making calls within their plan although they are crossing networks yet the Policy covers all DOMESTIC CALLS?

5. BMOBILE What are these rare occasions that may allow the network to charge citizens?  How is it determined by the network and why aren't citizens being told as to how these charges are applied under such policy?

6. Bmobile can you explain to customers how they can be in breech of excessive usage under this policy?

7. Bmobile why is it customers are not being notified via sms on excessive usage that may cause them to be charged? 

 We want and demand that the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago investigate these matters and that BMOBILE and DIGICEL give proper information into these queries or give CITIZENS BACK THEIR MONEY..  It is false advertising to advertise a product to be charged if the product has no CAPS or LIMIT on data services. More so Digicel must give explanation as to usage and how can one be charged if they are on an UNLIMITED PLAN along with BMOBILE. 

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