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Boycott shops that sell toxic (hateful) newspapers

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The general election is over... now lets vote with our money.

During the general election we saw just how hateful the newspapers had become with deeply personal attacks against Jeremy Corbyn and other members of the Labour party. Not to mention the Daily Mail's headline that our top judges are "Enemies of the People" and the recent phone hacking scandal by News Corp.  

We can't vote until the next general election but we can choose where we spend our money in the meantime.

Why should we shop at convenience stores and supermarkets that stock and support these hate-filled vile publications?

This petition is kindly asking Sainsbury's to stop selling these newspapers.

The newspapers we are most objecting to are:

  • The Sun
  • The Daily Mail
  • The Express

We will withhold our purchases from Sainsbury's until they stop selling these toxic hate-filled newspapers. 

As soon as Sainsbury's agrees, we will move onto the next supermarket with another petition.

Lets use our wallets and purses to send a message that these newspapers are NOT ok!


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Enough is Enough lets stamp out the right wing press in our shops!

Join us!
Lets change the UK!

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