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Kayla's near death accident happened at a very bad intersection where many have occurred in the past. It occurred at Kurtz Rd at 322 in New Holland PA. I knew it was bad intersection before and a neighbor there reached out to me when she found out i was the mother of the little girl in the Smart Car. She was home when it happened and cant believe she is alive. Her little daughter was home and made her some cards as she was so happy to to hear she survived that crash. She said this intersection is a very bad intersection with many accidents and many people we have talked to all agreed that something needs to change because it is bad there. 

This was not a case of distraction as her cell phone was in her purse, no other people in her car as she was on her way to work at Yoders, no drugs or alcohol, and not a new area she was traveling as she has been working for months. She stopped at the stop sign and looked and pulled right out into the path of an oncoming Ford Ranger coming from the New Holland direction.

The time change had just occurred the weekend before and this was the time the sun was so terribly bright. From one of the witnesses who was there at the scene and Kayla gave her # to her to call me but I didn't answer. She had called me a few days after her accident cause she wanted to know if she was that bad. Her and her friend were in the area for the day from Delaware...and her friend had her car parked along the road at the little roadside stand that sells old barn stuff.
So with that, there is no way to prove anything....the cop just looked at Kayla and said it was her fault... gave her a ticket for a stop sign violation but on his report said she stopped and pulled out. Took the kids word who drove other vehicle that he was traveling the speed limit of 45mph.... which is a nice flat straight section of highway. There was no skid marks cause he had no time to apply breaks cause he was right there when Kayla pulled out. Why he or her weren't hurt more is totally a miracle.

The lady witness also said after the crash she saw Kayla's car then looked to see where the truck got to and then looked back to Kayla's car.....but this time for a few seconds she couldn't see it but knew it was there just right before. Was it that the sun blinded her too for a short time???? The sun was coming from that direction and the direction Kayla would have looked just right before she pulled out so yes, I think the sun could have played a major role in her not seeing the truck.

Also the road comes out at an angle and with the car parked along the road right there and car the same color of the truck... and her final look in that direction before she pulled out....the truck could have been right behind that parked car. Of course the cop just looked at Kayla's car, went by the other vehicle report, and it was her fault...which it was but didn't take into account the sun, the parked car, etc.

What also comes into play is a very bad hill when u look to the right as u don't see cars till they fly over it at a high rate of speed, they r just there right at u if u r making a left from Kurtz Rd like Kayla was doing. You have to look and then go quick cause these cars just fly over that hill.....if u get out and u will see a car right behind u and wonder where they came from as they are on your back bumper.

We can be very lucky Kayla didn't get used as a bumper car some more cause cars were flying over that hill not seeing there was an accident till it was toooo late so it was quite the scene with cars all over the place trying to avoid her...she was a sitting duck. Lucky someone there ran up to the other side of the hill to get the cars to STOP.

So why am I posting this.... Kayla is a survivor. Not many in such a situation make it out alive. People at the scene who were there and also the people that look at the pictures say there was no way. But she did.

With that, this will be my mission. I have to try to make a change. Kayla survived for a reason. One will never know what reason and perhaps there r more than one. But she has a very strong willed momma. I am going to fight that road intersection. How it comes out at that angle and how they let that little roadside stand there along such a busy intersection and have no where for cars to park except so close to the road...there really is no parking spaces, etc. Just freely pull on over. Kayla could have died just like some have already there.

This needs to change and the sooner the better.... no more lives need to be taken cause no one is trying to make a difference. Not exactly sure how to go about this but....u better believe this momma is going to try. That intersection is bad stuff along with that roadside stand and the hidden hill..... things have to change.

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