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Re-instate Music Night at Parkview Public School, Unionville

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For decades, the students of Parkview Public School in Unionville Ontario have enjoyed an end-of-year celebration titled MUSIC NIGHT. This is an incredible, student-led and student-directed celebration of all the arts and talents possible- in one evening, the very versatile and talented Grade 7 and 8 Students participate in disciplines such as drama/ dance/ instrumental music (a variety of bands) / vocal music (a variety of choirs) / arts decorating/ and even fascinating multimedia such as film vignettes written by and starring the students themselves. The theme is different each year.The tone is lighthearted and humorous.  The bands include both the concert bands (playing a variety of great songs that are known and enjoyed by both children and parents alike) and even small jazz ensembles and a rock band. This has been the most successful celebration of the arts in all schools in the area, and has even been a calling card to this particular school.  This is unparalleled in the community as there is nothing like it in the surrounding schools. Children at Parkview are all marking the day that they are old enough to participate (ie starting at grade 7) and not just enjoying it in the audience.

Unfortunately last year Music Night was cancelled, with the excuse given as the “teachers strike” which actually affected classes and extracurricular practices only for a few months at the beginning of the school year.

This year Music Night has be re-vamped as  an “Arts night” that involves visitors wandering from class to class looking at art and paintings done by the students. This is a good initiative as an addition but is a poor excuse and a sad former shadow of a once WONDERFUL EVENING of music, dance, acting, singing, lighting, etc. Why the change? Parents have been asking for weeks and received no answers. We have plenty of time left in the school year to still assemble yet another amazing Music Night- if we don’t act now then these sad students who have been waiting for years to participate will be left with no luck at all- all children 13 years old had nothing at all last year and this will be there final year at Parkview. Please add your voices to this issue- School is NOT ONLY about Math and Science, some students excel at the musical and dramatic arts and this is their last chance to show their strengths to an appreciative audience. Thank you

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