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Medical support for haemophilia

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Hi All,

My brother is a haemophilia patient and Haemophilia is a genetic blood clotting disorder. It is basically due to absence of any one of the factors in our blood which leads to internal bleeding mostly on joints and for no specific reason or to external bleeding subject to any cut. This bleeding doesn't stop unless an anti-haemophilia Factor(AHF) is infused to patients body. This AHF is not readily available in the market and is made us available via haemophilia society. One single bleeding could require a minimum of 1000 units of AHF,and per unit of AHF costs close to RS. 10. A haemophilia patient on an average may need 5000 to 6000 of units to be infused in a month, that is when a month is a little favourable one. A serious bleeding could lead to an average of 10000 factors or more than that in a month. The bleeding starts attacking joints one by one and leading to permanent damage of it. Looking into the seriousness, non-availability and expenses of the AHF many countries has made AHF available at free of cost to their haemophilia patients. USA has gone a step ahead and infuses factors to its haemophilia patient even before the bleeding takes place, the idea is to make factors readily available in the body which will lead to proper clotting of the bleeding. India too followed the steps and decided to make these factors available at free of cost, but only in government hospitals and the patient during his bleeding has to visit the hospital and get the factor injected. Recently haemophilia has also been added under disability category. Though a small but a significant step has already been taken. However there is no common rule yet for across the country.The factors are not something which a lower class, middle class or an upper middle class can afford. 

Through this petition I would like to request to our honorable Health Minister and honorable Prime Minister to regulate this AHF across the country. This request is not only for my brother but for thousands like him.

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