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Celebrations of women day by saving women's life.

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On a regular morning, my maid came a little late, entered my house with a green face. I saw her lost & without any energy when she greeted me Namaste. I felt troubled to see her that way. On asking again & again for such sadness, she narrated me a painful reality, that existed everywhere with one of the gender in this world, since ages, but ignored as nothing by almost many.

                Back in her village, her niece, 17 year old, had died the last evening, due to certain illness.

Attentively listening to her words, I understood that young girl like millions of girls in our country has used mother old blouse for her monthly cycle but unfortunately forgot to take out a small safety pin tucked in that old blouse. The girl developed septic & died. I had no words. My maid kept sobbing & started cursing the birth of a girl & fate of women. She asked me Bhabhi why are we women born like this ?we also feel the pain. She also told me how women’s in a basti, slums & villages uses cow dung, dry leaves, dry mud or push cotton inside during monthly cycles. The list of such things & the narration were giving me goosebumps. The story of negligence of such an important issue relating to the 50% of population, who are responsible for bringing life in this world, was troubling my mind like never before.

                I started comparing myself of those five days when I don’t only have physical problem but the hormonal effects have impact on my mind too, with such unfortunate women, who are forced to live in such in inhuman condition, due to poverty, social stigma & lack of welfare program by government of India.

                This year on the women’s day, I appeal to all men & women of my country, to help live millions of women, to live life, at least like a living creature. Let our government know at least the following written efforts will bring a sea change in life of a women.


1. Every women in the reproductive age group should get 10 sanitary pads FREE along with Iron and Folic acid tabs from the government/  health centers/ ASHA workers.

 2. Give every such women either a disposable underwear or a reusable underwear every month under a government scheme. 

 3. Women's participating in this scheme should further get a coupon every month which they can redeem later to pay partly or fully for other services at the health centeres. This will encourage participation and at the same time keep the women in touch with health centeres/ASHA's which can help in the implementation of other maternal and child health programs. 

 Let women live with dignity, they are also breathing, they feel all emotions,          lets rise up...........................its already too late.

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