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Allow my wife to make payments on her student loan.


My wife was a full-time student working towards her Bachelor's degree in education. She took out a student loan through Chase to pay for her tuition and books. As we live in a small town and as in many places, work is hard to come by. We have been living rather frugally as a family of four while she has been in school. She had a job as an AmeriCorp Vista, which requires a one-year contract and pays a small stipend each month. The idea is that the Vista will be living very frugally and will better help them understand many of the people they will serve during their tenure. I was working a part-time job and we were barely making it month-to-month. There are several stipulations with the position that enforce this notion, including not having a second job, among others. We have two little boys and by the end of the month, funds were pretty meager. In November, her contract as a Vista expired. After applying for several jobs and having a few interviews, she became disheartened about finding a job. During this time Chase called to begin collecting on her student loan as she had finished her coursework. We were in no position to make any payments as many of our bills we had to pick and choose as to which bills we would pay the next month. Each month they would call, and each time my wife would explain that because of an inability for her to find a job, there was no way she could make payments. Yesterday, she received a notice that her complete loan, $6,957.13, is due immediately. She called a representative and again tried setting up a payment plan as she has a job and we are able to do so. She was told the same thing in the letter, that, "We previously advised you to cure the default and you have not done so." She was advised to pay the money off through a debt consolidator so the loan was no longer with Chase. So now that we have the money to pay the loan off in payments, they refuse to work with us! We are finally in a position to make the small payments and now they think we can afford a sum of $6,957.13? I'm furious and confused at the lack of understanding from this company. We're on hard times and they are punishing us even more so for so because of our situation. Please have some humanity, Chase. Please. We barely have our dignity any more.

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