End the work to rule strike by paying our teachers more

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Times are hard now.  The cost of living has gone up, many can not afford housing any more.  And who are the ones suffering?  Our underpaid teachers.  It is not only our teachers that are suffering, but students as well.  As a proud member of 4 clubs, two of which are highly academically based clubs, us students are suffering due to this strike, that you, The Board Of Trustees caused.  You decided to give Superintendent Chris D. Funk a 6% raise, but only gave a 1.8% raise to our teachers.  That's an increase of only about $1,000 a year, assuming a teacher has a yearly salary of $50,000 a year.  The cost of rent increases by about 8% each month, so a 1.8% increase simply will not do. Now, I understand that we have over 200 teachers in the district, but the district has millions of dollars stacked up,but the board of trustees give the raise to Chris Funk, which is already paid over $200,000 (from, but not our hard working teachers.  I am asking YOU, The Board of Trustees, to please consider this, as part of Superintendent Funk’s mission statement was "As Superintendent,I recognize that our greatest challenge is to ensure that every student will meet or exceed grade level standards based on local, state or federal assessments."  Many of students join clubs to take their mind off things.  But if these students are stressed out, they cannot perform to par, leading to falling API scores, and the slow, but inevitable loss of funding to our already small budget.  Again, The ESUHSD Board of Trustees, please consider giving our teachers a raise, as the cost of living is extremely high in the bay area.  On behalf of the students of the group "Get With It" which is right here: I encourage you to please, help out our teachers. They do not only teach, but they are our mentors, our counselors, and our friends.  College application season is right around the corner, and I cannot stress how important it is for our hard working seniors to go to college, California's future lies in your hands, and your hands alone, Board of Trustees, if teachers cannot write letters of recommendation for the students, who else can?  I am asking you to please, put yourself in the teacher's shoes and see how you can live with a salary as low as theirs.

Thank You for your consideration.


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