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Disney: Make a Movie/Series about the 501st Legion

The 501st Legion is one of the most recognized military units in modern history, more so than the "Band of Brothers" 506th PIR, 101st Airborne of WW2, more so than the elite US Navy SEAL Team 6. The 501st has quite literally developed a near "cult following." With costumes worn by both children and adults alike, the spawning of the "501st legion" charity, iconic characters such as Captain Rex, Fives, Echo and many others from past series. Couple this with being involved with major operations the Battle of Geonosis to Operation: Knightfall (also known as Order 66) and to the Battle of Endor, they have become both infamous and a symbol of hope. It would only seem fitting to make a series, or movie, revolving around these soldiers these clones, who have risen to such fame. A series, similar to Band of Brothers, would be something that would give a whole new perspective of both The Clone Wars and The Galactic Civil War to both long time fans and new fans alike.
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