Save our family home & protect the Sunshine Coast skyline

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Please, please help us stand up to council and show them that the Sunshine Coast does NOT want to go the way of the Gold Coast or other concrete jungles by the sea!

Our family has lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 40 years. Our kids were born and went to school here, we have always been an active part of the community, and worked hard to save enough to one day retire in our dream home by the beach. We finally began to enjoy that dream when we discovered the horrifying news that our home and our neighbours’ homes are under attack from money-hungry property developers with no regard for individual livelihoods, local values or relevant building codes, and who plan to destroy our beautiful beachside community.

Living one block from the water we always knew one day units would be built in front of us. The ‘Caloundra Local Plan’ (which serves to protect Caloundra’s uniqueness by maintaining community area standards and expectations - i.e., the local character, residential amenities or sea views are not affected) has been maintained by all other neighbouring developments. We believed council would respect this code and protect its people and area’s values. We are heart broken by the proposed gargantuan complex at 46 Victoria Terrace, Kings Beach, which has a terrifying 17 building code violations pre-approved by council. We need to act now to ensure the following doesn’t occur in our neighbourhood, but more importantly become commonplace on the coast and destroy our cherished way of life.

We are begging council to:

  • Stop the violation of property boundary requirements (the development’s 2 neighbouring units are positioned 10m from the boundary, whereas the current development’s proposal is 2m from the boundary).
  • Prevent the drastic impact to our own and other surrounding property views and residential privacy.
  • Stop the proposed development significantly exceeding the site cover limit of 40% (as per the Multi-unit Residential Uses Code). At 35% bigger than the acceptable site cover limit the development is not designed in a manner which maximises retention of existing vegetation, allows for spaces and landscapes between buildings, or allows for sufficient area at ground level for landscapes.
  • Disallow the use of building techniques that threaten the structural stability of neighbouring properties, i.e., not allow the use of explosives to excavate the site, as this has been previously shown to threaten the stability and safety of surrounding homes.
  • Ensure developers don’t ignore the rights and wishes of the community by breaching building codes or the ‘Caloundra Local Plan’.

Enough is enough! Where will it end if the rules continue to be watered down and our Development Planning Department only supports developers and not the people who live here!?

We are appalled by the failure to include all relevant parties in the pre-lodgement council meeting, and the knowledge that we the people may have no legal avenue or rights for the local residents to to appeal or seek financial compensation for structural damage once final council approval is given if this company is dissolved (as occurred in the high-profile Mascot Towers case in Sydney). Getting the support of our local community is our best bet at winning this David vs Goliath battle. We need as many signatures as possible before September 18th, to submit when council meets on the 19th and decides the fate of our beautiful home.

Help protect our skyline from these monster developments which blatantly breach code and local aesthetic, and in doing so protect other Sunny Coast families from the heart-ache and big company bullying we are currently facing. Families buy here with the expectation local building standards will be maintained, so that their homes and livelihoods will not suffer only to benefit developers’ pockets. If we manages to convince council to side with its local community over these property developers it will be a landmark case in the Coast’s battle to preserve it’s family friendly, low-density residential aesthetic. Please help fight for the underdog and save our dream home, and our neighbours homes. These developers want to do this for their own financial gain at the expense of surrounding properties and the community, that come to our area to enjoy the local character. Every signature and email helps!

“We the undersigned request that the Sunshine Coast Council ensures strict compliance with the applicable codes in assessing and deciding the subject development application at 46 Victoria Terrace, Kings Beach. Specifically, given the sensitive location and setting of the subject on the Caloundra headland, we ask that council does not allow any reduction in setbacks, respect and adhere to the site coverage percentage, and ensure that surrounding residential privacy and amenity is protected as per the clear expectation created by the defined Acceptable Outcomes in the applicable codes. In summary, we demand that any forthcoming development approval not result in an increase in the prescribed acceptable outcome site cover, reduction in any acceptable outcome setbacks, and any landscaping that will adversely impact on residential amenity, privacy and view lines. To do so would be a conflict with the purpose and overall outcomes of the Caloundra Local Plan Code and other applicable codes".