Homework-free Weekends and Holidays

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Teachers apply different strategies and techniques in teaching students. To ensure that students learn their lessons, they use a variety of ways to engage students inside and outside the classroom and this include giving homework to students. Homework are given during weekdays and more homework are assigned to students during weekends and holidays with the assumption that they have time to work on their assignments.

Giving homework to students should be carefully balanced and with some limitations. Many students find homework as hindrance to spending time with their families and friends. In addition to this, studies show that excessive homework and too much paper works cause fatigue among students, which may even lead to achieving lower grades. In regard to this, academicians concluded that overload in assignment does not improve the quality of learning, but rather, it diminishes the interest of students to learn. As such, it is proposed that homework should not be given to students especially during weekends and holidays.

Students need a break from all the academic work to attain a healthy social, mental and physical well-being. Considering this, there should be no assignments given during weekends or holidays so students can spend time with their families and not with paperworks, projects, or anything related to academic work.

Our group, composed of Grade 11 students from South Hill School, aims to promote a well-balance learning environment in the school. To contribute to achieving this goal, the group will propose and promote a homework-free weekends and holidays.

To gather support for the homework-free weekends and holidays, the group will launch a petition project using a petition, a Facebook page and a blog. The petition project intended to gather signatures from teachers, students and school administrations. Each member of the group will be assigned to spread the content of the petition to as many teachers and students as possible through their own twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. The petition for a homework-free weekends and holidays, together with the collected signatures will be submitted to school management for their consideration.

For this project, we will be needing at least two weeks to promote everything about this topic and it will begin when the website is created. The expenses of the group will include costs for printed materials such as banners, brochures and tarpaulins; computer rental and internet; and transportation expenses when we need more time to work for this project. We will be using free services like Facebook, Jimdo and

For any questions, comments, and donations for this project, please feel free to contact and message us at Together, let us aim for a healthy and happy learning environment at South Hill School.

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