We will boycott the goods and services advertised on the screens at Rosslyn Park

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We, the undersigned, hold companies who advertise on the JC Decaux screens at Rosslyn Park responsible for spoiling our local environment.

Signatories to this petition agree to actively boycott the goods and services of any company that advertises on these screens.


Through our previous petition we have established that there is considerable public opposition to the installation of three giant digital advertising screens at Rosslyn Park on the Upper Richmond Road.

Wandsworth Council should never have given consent for these screens and failed to carry out proper public consultation during the application process.

Furthermore, the Council and the screen operator, J C Decaux, appear to be intent on ignoring this public opposition and other issues such as the ecological damage that has been caused by the installation.

Despite their best efforts to ignore us, we do have power in this relationship and it is important that we demonstrate it; or screens like these will be appearing all over our neighbourhoods.

There is such a thing as bad publicity.  If advertisers believe that their marketing budgets are being spent on spoiling, rather than enhancing, their brands they will soon stop.  No advertisers = no screens.